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The Story of asliartopus

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Owing to the genetics of my grandfather’s philosophical teachings, a stack of Harry Potter books, and some watercolors, I taught myself to paint when I was a kid. I spent countless summers attending art and drawing camps, which I adored, and have continued honing my skills ever since. As I grew older I started fraternizing with the digital world and now, I try to create lifelike art using digital media.

My creative process starts with either an idea of what I’m going to make, research for some source material and careful planning before getting started OR, I just sit down with a pencil and my iPad and will something into existence.

My art ranges from a variety of abstract paintings to landscapes. Sometime’s even pet portraits. But most of the time they have an affinity to Fluidity. I simply adore the shapes and forms a liquid can take with a mixture of miraculous colors that simply leave me astounded. You will find a lot of my works stem from a philosophical background yet somehow I end up relating them to the fantasy world.

I believe Art has a way of healing that leaves no scars. I would eventually love to give back to the society, a portion of my sales, and do my part as a member of this humanity.